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Cold Drinks

A comprehensive range of quality branded cold drinks products

Our soft drinks vending machines can be configured to vend a variety of different cold drinks; so whether you want to vend carbonated cans, bottles, Tetra Paks, energy drinks, protein shakes or other healthier options such as fruit juices and smoothies, we can advise you regarding the best model to meet your needs.
The Vitas drink vending machines can be supplied in two ways, you can either manage your own machine or take advantage of our fully managed service.

Full maintenance warranties are available, providing peace of mind and minimizing down time of your drink vending machines.

Great brands: pepsi max surprised commuters with an ‘unbelievable’ augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on new oxford street in london.

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Why are cold drinks important?

Your body uses water to help with many different processes, including:

Drinking enough fluid will also help to keep your skin healthy.

How much should I drink?

How much fluid you need depends on many factors including your age, diet, the amount of physical activity you do and the climate. As a basic guide, most people need about 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid a day. This includes water contained within foods. You will need to drink more than this if the temperature is high or you’re exercising. If you’re pregnant, it’s important that you drink enough as you’re more likely to develop constipation during pregnancy.

You can get the fluid you need from water, other drinks, such as milk and fruit juice, and also from your food.

Brita filters

We know that up to 70% of beverage machine breakdowns are caused by scale so we fit BRITA® Professional water filters to the machines we supply.
This results in less machine breakdowns and downtime, improved energy efficiency, extended equipment life and consistently high quality beverages.