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George Vitas

George Vitas

22-08-1942 to 24-06-2020

George Vitas was one of the most widely known, and respected members of the vending community, working in the industry for over 50 years, he was highly regarded by both his customers and his peers.

Born in a farming village in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) in 1942, George and his family were forced to leave in 1957 when their home was destroyed after his father refused to fight for communists in the Country.

After working for local building firm Adkins & Shaw, in 1960 George joined Stockdale’s – the vending company charged with servicing the 100 + vending machines sited at Perkins Engines (the largest employer in Peterborough) as a trainee vending engineer.

In 1971 he was poached by GKN Sankey: at that time the leading manufacturer of vending machines in Europe, where he progressed to the rank of Senior Engineer, helping with the development of the Sankey Mark I and II drinks machines.


In 1980 with the help of a £500 loan from his sister Jovanka, and working from his garage – George (with his wife Sue juggling the paperwork, telephone calls and caring for their new born son Robin) established Vitas Vending and quickly became the “go to” for high quality machines and friendly service.

After gaining contracts with some of Peterborough’s most prestigious companies, Vitas Vending moved into premises at the Breydon Centre in Fengate, and George employed his sister as senior operator.

By now George’s reputation for service was second to none, and in no time Vitas Vending outgrew the Breydon Centre, so in 1984 He bought a plot of land at the newly opened Fenlake Business Centre, and began construction of one of the very first purpose- built vending units in the UK.

After 17 happy years at Fenlake, George, always with an eye for an opportunity, purchased 3 acres of land in Fengate, and began the design and construction of “Vitas Business Centre” now home to one of the largest and most advanced vending facilities in the UK.

In 2004 the “Vitas Business Centre” was officially opened by George’s very first machine supplier, and great friend: Richard Brinsley from Westomatic Vending, the business Centre soon becomes home to some of the most successful companies in the area.

Over the next 16 years Vitas Vending have become one of the most highly regarded and successful companies in Peterborough. We are one of the largest Regional Vending Operators in the UK.

Sadly, George passed away on the 24th June 2020, but the company continues onwards and upwards, embracing the future but always adhering to the core beliefs that George lived by – excellent service, good value, and respect for both customers and colleagues, always ensuring that we operate to the highest standard