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High Street Coffee

A true high street coffee experience to our own specification

The high street coffee revolution continues with more and more people having an opinion on quality and flavour of their favourite hot beverage. However, its not always possible or convenient to pop out of the workplace for that special cup which is where the new breed of high quality bean to cup vending machines come in.

With the combination of our own Cafe Vitas Espresso blends and carefully chosen high specification machines we can ensure the high street coffee experience is archived every cup, every time.


Cafe Vitas

Our coffee supplier sources our coffee from almost every coffee producing country then bespoke blends them to our own individual specification.
We are able to guarantee the experience, strict controls are in place throughout the coffee chain, from bean to bag.
On arrival at the roasters all our green coffees are sampled and professional in-house Q graders and a team of quality control officers oversee the process.

The highly experienced roaster operators ensure roast consistency and final packaging checks are made including batch, grind and packaging quality. Only then are we happy to supply our Cafe Vitas blends to our vending customers.

high quality & taste without leaving the office

High street experience vending machines are perfect for boardrooms, offices, bars, showrooms and many other locations.

Rhea TTI- professional, complete beverage

The art of espresso coffee has traditionally been considered as the supreme science of the senses. For years people have debated the sensations provoked when enjoying a cup of coffee.

Vitale can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with

outstanding consistency and quality.

A perfect balance of body, crema, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup. Vitale guarantees the correct temperature of the first service.

Primo italian high pressure espresso system

The NEW Primo uses the latest brewing technology to deliver 12 tasty choices easily selected from the user friendly menu.
The interchangeable LED mood lighting gives the machine real user appeal.

Beans are freshly ground by the world renowned Ditting grinder and brewed in an Italian high pressure espresso system – creating coffees with a great crema, cappuccinos with a delicious foam and indulgent hot chocolate – perfect for boardrooms, offices, bars, showrooms and many other locations.

  • World renowned Swiss made Ditting ceramic grinder for consistent drink quality – every drink, every time
  • Easy-to-fill ingredient canisters for self operation
  • Large bean hopper – more than 25% larger capacity than a market equivalent
  • Separate delivery outlet for hot water – pure and simple
  • Automatic and easy-to-operate cleansing programs
  • High quality rotary vane pump delivers consistent water pressure for a perfectly extracted espresso

Vitro - professional, complete beverage

The Vitro range of professional coffee machines provides a complete hot beverage solution.
Finished in smoke glass, with chrome and stainless steel, the angular design sets it apart form its competitors.
Most importantly Coffetek have deployed the latest technology for making hot beverages, such as espresso coffee and authentic tea brewed with fresh tea leaves.

The rainforest alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a growing network of people who are inspired and committed to working together to achieve our mission of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.
Through creative, pragmatic collaboration, they aim to rebalance the planet by building strong forests and healthy communities around the world.
At Vitas Vending we fully support the Rainforest Alliance and the good work they do, our Cafe Vitas beans subscribe to the Rainforest Alliance accreditation.