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Our Services

Here at Vitas Vending we are dedicated to meeting your every vending need. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will focus on supporting you, and your staff, so you feel confident in relying on us, leaving you free to concentrate on the needs of your business.


For over 40 years Vitas has been supplying, filling, cleaning and maintaining vending machines across the Region. We understand that your vending needs are unique, and our service packages will tailored to the specific demands of your business. Your office might only need a table top drinks machine, which is easy for you to manage using our routine maintenance package when required. Or your larger, factory, Production or Distribution Warehouse might need a more supported vending solution, with daily stocking of hot drinks, snacks and food, with fully managed technical support, secure cash collection and audit.


What Vitas Can Do For You!

We’ll make sure your vending machines are completely supported (Have a look at Solutions page to see what Vitas can do for you) Thanks to our expertly trained and experienced team of Operators and Service Engineers, you’ll be confident that when we visit your site to restock, clean or maintain your machines, you’re in the hands of conscientious professionals.


Over the last 40 years We’ve invested heavily in training and supporting our expert engineering team, because they’re responsible for maintaining our unbeatable reputation for service, quality and value for money. We like you to be secure in the knowledge that a carefully recruited, highly trained and well-presented team of engineers and operators are always nearby to ensure your vending solution continues 24/7  


It can be a difficult decision deciding what you need from your vending solution, so please contact us and we will be delighted to offer you a free, no-obligation machine demonstration with one of our experts.


Delivery & Installation

We deliver hundreds of vending machines to Companies like yours every year, our dedicated Service Team are highly trained in installing your chosen vending machines swiftly, in a professional manner, and with friendly service. Every member of the Team undertakes regular training by our equipment manufacturers, and onsite training and evaluation by us as part of our ISO 9001 Accreditation, so you can be confident in a smooth and efficient service.


Whether you’re looking for single coffee machine for a busy office, or multiple bespoke vending solutions throughout your Production site our brilliant team have the skill and knowledge to have your vending machines installed and running seamlessly and with the minimum disruption.


Fully Managed Service

Vitas Vending provides a fully managed service tailored to your business’ exact demands. This includes cleaning, restocking, cash collection and audit of your vending machines, and of course planned preventative maintenance from our expert technicians. All of which is run on your schedule, and according to your requirements as determined by our decades of experience.


We source the finest teas, coffees and other products from all over the world, and the highest quality of machines and equipment from national suppliers, and as a local company you can be assured that we will be there 7 days a week, your Account Manager will always be available to listen to your needs prior to installation and beyond, and our dedicated team will be available to answer your queries, offer advice and provide maintenance, service and repair and we have regular on site reviews as part of our SLA

From installation onwards, our team of highly trained, professional experts provide everything necessary to ensure your vending equipment remains fully operational. We handle the cash collection, accounting and invoicing, using computer software to ensure we accurately manage your machines.




Our trained Operators take hygiene very seriously, and during scheduled cleaning of your vending machines all contact parts will be exchanged for sterilised replacements, this unique process is part of our commitment to the very highest vending standards and involves commercial dishwashing, air drying and sealing the parts in secured bags.


With our diligence and dedication to your peace of mind, you can rest assured your vending machines are always well maintained.



Service You Can Rely Upon

Our highly experienced and skilled service engineers are fully trained by the manufacturers of the equipment we supply. If you should experience a problem with your vending machines you can rely on our locally based team to be on hand when you need us to address any issues 7 days a week.


Our promise to you is that there will always be a locally based engineer available to help, over 40 years we’ve chosen the cream of the vending industry and established a professional, capable and conscientious team, that’s how we maintain our promise and ensure that we will keep your vending systems running smoothly.