• Dual gate vend system
  • Market leading vend speed
  • Increased vend reliability
  • Ideal for busy vend areas
  • Low energy LED lighting

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Why choose this machine

Market leading vend speed – the perfect solution for busy vend areas

35 select model – Standard capacity of 5 trays, 35 products, total capacity 315 items. Optional configuration of 4 trays, 28 products, total capacity 252 items

45 select model – Standard capacity of 5 trays, 45 products, total capacity 405 items. Optional configuration of 4 trays, 36 products, total capacity 324 items

Vends 500ml bottles on all trays, increasing product selection

Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping

Trays are adjustable and free of harnesses, solenoids and motors ensuring reliable operation

Dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system, allowing bottles and cans of different sizes to be loaded and vended without adjusting the set up

“Fail safe” ramp design encourages dropped bottles to fall into a recessed area ensuring uninterrupted operation

Increased vend reliability – fault rate is 1 in 39,000 vends, driving servicing costs down

Model 35 select: Increased sales vs. stack unit from same footprint

Door opens 90º flush allowing BevMax 4 to be positioned next to a wall or in a bank of machines

One platform, 2 sizes = common parts

The best has just got even better! The BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably delivers it to the consumer every time. The machine is available in two model sizes, 35 select (990mm wide) and 45 select (1181mm wide), increasing its versatility even further.

The large illuminated glass front of the BevMax 4, lit by long-life low energy LED lighting, provides consumers with a clear unobstructed view of all products available, allowing maximum sales impact.

Additionally, the BevMax 4 boasts a self contained modular refrigeration deck offering improved performance. This fridge deck can be removed easily from either the front or back of the machine.


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