• Large capacity
  • Shimless vending system
  • Fast and accurate vend
  • 3.5” colour LCD display
  • Virtual shopping cart

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Why choose this machine

Vends 500ml bottles on all trays, increasing product selection

Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping

Trays are adjustable and free of harnesses, solenoids and motors ensuring reliable operation

Dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system, allowing bottles and cans of different sizes to be loaded and vended without adjusting the set up

“Fail safe” ramp design encourages dropped bottles to fall into a recessed area ensuring uninterrupted operation

Fast and accurate X-Y product delivery mechanism is able to vend virtually any permutation of cans, PET and glass bottles

Delivery cup smoothly retrieves each vended product with little or no agitation

The New Bev Max Media from Crane Merchandising will change the way consumers think about vending!

Featuring a new 3.5” colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing numeric keypad, this engaging platform provides a unique shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

State-of-the-art features include a virtual shopping cart that users can fill with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction, nutritional information disclosure, and advertising and promotions capabilities.


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