Brita Filters

  • onsistently high quality
  • 98% clearer water
  • Removes unwanted elements
  • Better tasting beverages
  • Reduces breakdowns

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We know that up to 70% of beverage machine breakdowns are caused by scale so we fit BRITA® Professional water filters to the machines we supply.

By fitting a BRITA filter you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to achieve optimum efficiency and quality.

Vending machines have to work very hard, often in operation 24 hours per day. To ensure our high quality vending machines run perfectly we fit BRITA water filters.

To ensure that you can offer your customers and staff consistently high quality, the filter solutions eliminate unwanted tastes and odours from tap water, allowing the typical aroma of coffee or tea to develop. Did you know that beverages and soups from vending machines consists of up to 98% water, clearly the water quality is a key factor. In addition, regional differences in water quality can have a detrimental effect on the products and machine reliability.


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