• Barista style coffee
  • Large, full capacity touchscreen
  • Extensive drinks menu
  • Customisable beverage options
  • Upgraded consumer experience

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Build a modern, hygienic coffee experience with the COTI free-standing coffee vending machine. With a large touchscreen and custom user interface, operators can engage users with a broad menu of fresh brew coffee beverages, while maintaining commonality with legacy machines for ease of servicing and cleaning.

21” Full capacity touchscreen, with ADA compliance mode, to actively engage users.
Extensive drink menus offering a variety of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks enabling operators to increase drink prices for higher ROI.
Customizable beverage options with “Save my Drink” option to encourage return users.
Reduced maintenance costs with 15-50% reduced cleaning time compared to competition Flexible user interface allows operators to customize drink menu, drink names, and screen content and images, plus enable full HD video content.
Integrates with other Crane Machines to provide a customizable, streamlined food and beverage portfolio experience.



User Interface Touch screen
Screen Size 21.5″ portrait HD colour disp
Screen Dimensions 266mm x 475 mm portrait 10.5″ x 18.7″ portrait
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Performance 24 bit full color TFT display
Video Supported Yes
Brewing System Coffee Co-Ex (Coffee & Espresso) Capacity – from 6.5 to 9.5 grams
Brewing System Tea Crane Oltre brewer
Mixing System Crane mixing system
Cup Drop Unit Crane cup drop unit | Plastic, paper, single, dual walled cups
Cup Capacity Upto 800
Cup Diameter 70mm, 73mm, 80mm 2.8″, 2.9″, 3.1″
Cup Size 200, 250, 340ml 7, 9, 12oz
USB Connectivity 3 x USB 2.0
Model Type Coffee: soluble, freshbrew and beans | Tea: soluble, and freshbrew | Option of cold water and two cold syrups
EVA/DTS Communication Module via DEX port
Jug Facility Yes (jug code) Option of jug key
Cup Sensor Surevend cup sensors fitted as standard on all models
Energy-Saving Mode Programmable enegy saving mode
My Code Yes
Free Vend Yes
Payment Systems Up to 3
Coin/Notes/Cashless Compatible with the leading systems
Vend Time (bean to cup) 39 seconds (based on a 160ml serving)
Vend Time (fresh brew) 35 seconds (based on a 160ml serving)
Vend Time (soluble coffee) 17 seconds (based on a 160ml serving)
Waste Bucket Capacity – dry 24 litres 6.35 gallons
Waste Bucket Capacity – liquid 9 litres 2.38 gallons
Electronic Temperature Control Included as standard
Electronic Water Level Control Included as standard
Height 1830mm / 72″
Depth 790mm / 31.1″
Width 700mm / 27.5″
Weight 193kg /426lbs
Door Open Dimensions Width: 1370mm/ 54″ door at 180° | Depth: 1460mm/ 57.5″ door at 90°
MDB Protocol Included as standard
EXE Protocol Executive protocol kit available as a cost option
Power Supply Voltage 115V
Power Supply Frequency 60 Hz
Energy Consumption Instant and FB models: 125 wh/h Espresso model: 146 wh/h
Installed Power 2.27kW
Water Main Pressure 200 Kpa (2 bar) – 600 Kpa (6 bar)
Stopcock 15mm BSP from rising main
Filtration Compatible with the leading systems
kgs lbs
Beans 3.5 7.7
Ground coffee 1.5 3.3
Leaf tea 1.7
Instant coffee 0.5 2.2
Sugar 3.4 7.5
Milk 2.5
Cappuccino milk 2.2/4.7
Chocolate 2.1/5.8 6
Soup variable
Whitener 5.5
Flavoured Soluble Coffee 6


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