Krea Touch

  • Touchfree Option with App
  • 7″ HD Touch screen
  • Reliable
  • New wider cup room
  • Stainless steel delivery area

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Krea Touch is the new elegant model which enriches the Necta Horeca family. Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces, unrivalled performance make Krea Touch the ideal solution for your coffee break.

The wide touchscreen and the user friendly interface allow a high number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, customers branding and promotional videos management.

Touchless Selection Now Available
Using the new “Coffee APPeal” App. Simply scan the QR code on your coffee machine directly from your smartphone, select your favourite drinks and away you go!

User-friendly process
Privacy is maintained: no account or personal data needed
Easy connection through QR code (scanning downloads the app automatically, no need to browse the app store before scanning)
Works on Android and iOs
App works even without mobile data
Safer and more hygienic selection, no need to touch the coffee machine
Same drink customisation as on the machine
Option to add another drink


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