• 3.5” colour LCD display
  • Intuitive payment system
  • Energy efficient
  • Virtual cart function
  • Customisable

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Why choose this machine

Merchant Media has the ability to transform your business model, helping you:

Win New Business

New design grabs consumers’ attention, inspiring confidence in vending purchases
New user interface area is styled in a high gloss, durable finish
State-of-the-art 3.5” colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing numeric keypad utilizes the latest technology
Large bright shop window provides a clear 24/7 view of all products
Merchant Media’s 6-Wide capacity offers 50% more selections which drives consumption!
Optional black base graphic is available to match VOCE and BevMAX Media
Drive Sales and Enhance the Shopping Experience

Intuitive payment system accepts everything in the customer’s wallet (coins, notes, cards and keys)
New virtual shopping cart that users can fill with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction
Merchant Media always gives consumers the option to ‘Buy More’ with one simple click, driving increased spend
SureVend guarantees the customer receives their selected product or their money back
Reduce Costs with a Sustainable Solution

Merchant Media has a class-leading energy efficiency rating of EVA EMP A and is 30% more efficient than competing machines
Offers a CarbonNeutral® Option. Its carbon footprint is minimal; any remaining unavoidable emissions can be offset for 5 years
Merchant Media is 78% Recyclable at the end of life
Its welded cabinet and extensive mechanical systems testing (to 14 years of life) reduces the number of service calls for maximized reliability and durability
LED lighting and power saving mode reduce energy costs, and multi-layer glass door with special gas insulation reduces heat loss
Media’s modular refrigeration system is easy to remove for service
Media can send safety / service alerts for proactive maintenance.


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