• Freshly ground coffee beans
  • Cold filtered water
  • Promotes sustainability
  • Large intuitive screen
  • Recipe customisation

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Cold Filter Water
Neo Q’s filtration system gets rid of impurities, providing a tasteless and odourless water, providing better water quality than a traditional mains water tap.
Furthermore, the ultraviolet light filtration and purification optional kit, helps to eliminate bacterias on the spot – allowing you to offer a much more pure and safe water service to your customer.
Offering cold water is also possible with Neo Q’s water chiller option. An option for those seekint to dispense cold water instantly

Freshly ground coffee beans
Offering the peace of mind that comes with providing an exceptional coffee service.
Thanks to the double bean, you can offer your customer the option of various speciality coffees to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding consumer.
With a wide range of recipes, you can offer variety and thus reach as many people as possible. From the highest quality espresso-based hot drinks to delicious chocolates, teas and vanilla or other flavoured drink

Promotes the re-use of materials, reducing single use plastic consumption while diminishing CO2 impact.
Promotes the use of your own bottle:
Neo Q encourages the use of reusable bottles & glasses, whilst discouraging the use of disposable ones.It is a much more sustainable way of water consumption, directly from the mains supply, no transport no plastic, directly to the consumer.
Promote Own cup use:
The Neo’s I-Detect allows automatic detection of the users cup, avoiding the use of disposable cup.

Distinct Design
The versatility of its design allows you to adapt to your customer, as well as to refurbish the machine by just replacing the front part.It only takes 5 minutes to change the front of your machine – low cost and simple to update the design.
A screen designed to make maintenance tasks easy and efficient for any operator.Its simple programming system helps you to customise recipes or prices very easily. Neo Q interface maximises user experience, guiding the user through the purchase process with ease.

Improve your Profitability
Two in one means less equipment investment and footprint optimisation, whilst providing and excellent water & coffee service.
Reduce your costs
Increased consumption
Win new locations and tenders


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