The Primo Instant uses the latest compact technology to deliver 7 or 12 tasty choices easily selected from the user friendly menu.

On the Primo Mini or the primo Midi.

Seperate delivery outlet for hot water. Energy saving modes minimise power consumption when on standby.

Primo Mini contains three canisters for Chocolate , Milk and Coffee with 7 tasty drink choices.

Primo Midi contains four canisters for Chocolate , Milk , Coffee and Sugar with 12 tasty drink choices.

Why choose this machine

Easy-to-fill ingredient canisters for self operation
Large bean hopper – more than 25% larger capacity than a market equivalent
Separate delivery outlet for hot water – pure and simple
Automatic and easy-to-operate cleansing programs
High quality rotary vane pump delivers consistent water pressure for a perfectly extracted espresso
Moveable cup stand for jug fill facility for those all important meetings
Intelligent energy saving mode – a key feature for all environmentally conscious businesses
Stylish payment module available for change giver
Easy to add any payment option
Touch sensitive keypad
Easy to operate and clean
Quick vend times
Great range of delicious drinks
Paperless brewer


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